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Welcome to the Cake Academy and I would like to take the opportunity to tell you a little about myself and how my passion for cake making from an early age turned into a business later on in my life.

II started making cakes from the early age of four and at the age of seven was banned from the local cake competition after winning first prize for three consecutive years. This minor setback at an early age made me realise that I had the ability to design and create cakes that appealed to a lot of people and my journey with food and cakes in particular began.

My ambition was always to own my a restaurant and I went to Birmingham College of Food and Domestic Arts to learn and train as a Food and Beverage Manager.

After college I moved to London to begin my love affair with food and my career started in earnest, I organised wedding receptions, ran conferences, managed restaurants in some fine hotels within the London area.

To get more involved with the making of food I became a chef lecturer at the famous Westminster College in London where I met and married another chef lecturer.

Together we opened a successful restaurant in London which we ran for ten years and organised many weddings and indulged my passion for all things “cakey”....

Due to illness I retrained as a secondary school teacher, teaching cookery to young people. The highlight of their weeks were the seasonal cakes we made and iced, Christmas Cakes, Igloo Cakes, Easter Bunny Cakes or any other excuse for a decorated cake.

I moved to Shropshire and started my business from home working with many notable hotels, restaurants and delicatessens. Thanks to referrals, enquiries from wedding fayres the business blossomed and gave me the encouragement to expand my business.

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