Celebration Cakes For Any Occasion

One of the joys of living is celebrating special occasions, these special moments bring smiles and joy not only for the recipient but family and friends who have come together to enjoy the celebration.

No celebration is complete without a cake,they are those yummy treats both to the eyes and the taste buds, which make them quite an integral part of any kind of jubilation. But when it is a special reason, can we be satisfied with just an ordinary looking, common place cake?

Our designer cakes are special, individually designed and crafted to make any occasion memorable, from a child;s christening to birthdays, anniversaries to fond farewells of a work colleague.

Whatever the occasion our experience at The Cake Academy will ensure we deliver, it is important to note that many of our designs include meticulous detail if being themed around the recipients favourite character or hobby and require more time to prepare.

Imagine the delight of a child when they feast their eyes on a cake specially created for them.

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