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A Wedding Cake To Meet Your Expectations.

Ok, so you have set the date, booked the venue and found 'THE' dress, now you have decided it's time to start looking for wedding cakes, but not just any wedding cakes, the perfect wedding cake that will feature in the eternal photo of you and the groom, knife in hand smiling!

Sounds easy enough until you actually start looking! Weddings have undergone a radical change since the days your parents got married and wedding cakes are no exception. There are many cake designers willing to let you go wild with your imagination....quite literally!

You can still opt for the traditional three-tiered fruitcake, of course, but these days couples have become more adventurous and unusual with their designs :

-Tiered Cakes in a variety of arrangements

- Fairy Cakes

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There are many flavours and fillings to choose from including the ever popular chocolate or vanilla sponge, a rich coffee and walnut cake for the caffeine addicted or even carrot cake for those watching the calories! Fillings vary from the chocoholics chocolate truffle to the calorific jam and butter cream!

There are two great advantages of having tiered wedding cakes, The first is that you can choose any size or number of tiers to suit the size of your wedding party and second, is that you can choose different flavours and fillings for each tier! This means your guests will always find a flavour they like and the more superstitious can opt for a chocolate cake, but keep the traditional fruitcake as the top tier and save it for the christening of their first born child as good luck.

The tiered wedding cakes offer a lot more scope for making the cake unique to you. When I said you can go wild with your imagination, this is where you can really get stuck in! Although traditionally round cakes, decorated with white icing and a figurine of a bride and groom on top have been popular, there are no limitations as to how your cake should look.

The Perfect Fairy Cakes For Your Wedding.

Fairy cakes are an alternative to full-size sponge cakes and are much easier to distribute among your guests! These can still be arranged in tiers like other traditional big wedding cakes, but allowyour guests to help themselves with very little fuss or mess.

This option looks great for less formal weddings and can be topped with decorations or coloured icing, which will make it a nice colourful feature for your wedding photos. The downside is cutting the cake, but again you can opt for a big sponge as the top tier.

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